Morgan in the Morning - Original art gallery

Since MITM is only one of many things I randomly draw (hey, I need to pass the time in classes somehow), this page is a collection of some of the other original stuff I've done that doesn't suck too badly.

This is a picture I did for my friend Carter for his birthday about a year ago. It features two of the characters from one of my stories, Brief Candles, which is supposed to take place during some future war. The little one is Laurie, who doubles as the team's assassin, and the other is his eventual boyfriend Tod, who doubles as an information agent and the sappiest character I've ever produced.

While we're on Brief Candles, here's another of the couples from it. These are Joel on the left and Aaron on the right. Joel is a demolitions expert who's also incredibly hyperactive, and Aaron is his partner, the "soldier boy" type who pretends he's an automaton. Obviously Joel manages to have an effect. Teehee.

This is an incredibly random (colored!) drawing of mine featuring two of my characters from my erstwhile 2003 NaNoWriMo novel (what there is of it can be found here). Damon is on the left and Isabelle on the right. I have absolutely no idea why they're dancing. I also love Isabelle's shoes.


Here are three of the pictures I drew to send to Sara for Christmas. Of course, I didn't get around to finishing them until February, but Sara should understand. ^_^ I want them on the web for her to see as well. One of them is over in the MitM gallery, at the bottom of the annotated list.

The first picture features Sara, myself, Jamie, and two other friends doing that anime/manga thing where we all sit around wearing white dresses for some inexplicable reason. But we look cute doing it. ^_^

We used to draw ourselves as gargoyles all the time (in fact, I have many many gargoyle pics I may one day post). I love drawing gargoyles because their hands are easy and I like their feet. Here's Sara as a gargoyle, looking supremely sweet. Her design is modeled off of what she actually looks like, and a Japanese gargoyle named Erioko we made up way back when.

And here's me as a gargoyle, based very closely on our design of a gargoyle named Alida, holding up the all-important sign. ^_^

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