Morgan in the Morning - MITM art gallery

Sometimes I actually color things, or just draw random things for MITM for fun. Here's all the stuff I've done that won't go in the comic - at least not in this form.

This is a closeup of the icon, sans color. I like it because you can see their expressions much more clearly.

This is a picture I did after seeing a girl in some magazine ad sitting in this position. I liked it so much I had to rip it off. This is Anna back when she was Anna Gailbraith, probably about age 21. I can't draw hands. I actually drew this before I really had the idea for the comic at all, and barely the story. Except for the hair, she doesn't look much like me. ^_^;

For anyone in desperate need of shounen ai bordering on yaoi... a speculative piece. Heh.

Chibi Jamie doing what she does best. Jess provided the handwritten text and heart. ^_^;

I'm still not great at drawing Courtney (for some reason he's very difficult... must be why Andrew keeps coming off as better looking. He's easier to draw ^_^;). This was one of the random speculative pieces I did while still designing him. Yes, he does actually look contemplative and not insane. What?

Look! Andrew with no ponytails! I actually think it's cuter. This is also the picture that inspired Jess to declare that Andrew should only appear in all black from now on. I think I agree.

Courtney actually wears contacts; this picture was done for Jess, who wanted to see him in his glasses. Since that meant he would have to be going to bed, he's in pajamas. And again with the contemplative look!

I drew most of this in class. The guy next to me seemed rather disturbed. I have nothing else to say, except - a slight warning for yaoi goodness?

Jess challenged me to draw Courtney licking Taylor's neck, since Taylor gets all helpless when people do that. Voilą, the result.

Sure, it's in the comic, but I like this one too much to just make it one of the ones below. Besides, it's yuri! And so pretty. ^_^

My Christmas picture for Sara. The background is that, after Sara saw the icon, she asked me if she could have Courtney. Naturally, I told her no. Well, for Christmas, she got to have him for a day. ^_^

The following are all close-ups and complete images of ones I've used in the comic proper. One is even colored! Whee! Hover the mouse over the images to see what they are. ^_^

Misa and her high school girlfriend, in color! The advertising poster for Chicago, not squashed to fit Melanie West as Velma.  Mrrow. Rochelle Belz as Roxie. Cute costume. ^_^ Amanda leaping on Andrew. Andrew from the first strip he's in.  I had to cut a lot of him off, verily. The famous making-out-in-the-cafeteria scene, but bigger!

Full version of Amanda in Teri's lap. David and Andrew.  Awww. One of Courtney's many admirers, in all her scantily-clad not-cut-off glory. Jamie feeling up Andrew. David and Andrew holding hands.  Aww. Jamie and Ransom in full-on fangirl mode. Ransom squeeing over David and Andrew cuddling, and rightly so.

Roxie in her full half-dressed glory, including sparkly shoes, and facing the other direction (I drew her this way originally). A bit more of Roxie. Fan-servicey Elizabeth ^_- Amanda's shirt is way too cool. Fantasy image the third...oh my! Fantasy image the second... getting worse... Fantasy image the first...

Micah tied up and about to get his hair cut Morgan armed with comb and scissors

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