Morgan in the Morning - Links

Fruit Flies
Jess's comic, starring (so far) two girls who are unabashed fruit flies, their naked gay exhibitionist neighbors, and their straight-boy friends whom they try to corrupt.

Hindsight 21/17
Getting better all the time! Whee!

Jon's comic, about a webcomic artist without a webcomic. ^_^

Queen of Wands
Mmm. I love this comic. Good blend of funny (hilarious!) and touching.

Very very pretty. And shounen ai! And pretty.

Boy Meets Boy
Honestly? I only still read it for Collin and Fox. And Tybalt. But now that it's over, I can keep reading about the first two at...

Friendly Hostility
Still in its infancy, but as it's currently involving Fox's parents, I have high hopes. ^_^

Real Life
This speaks to my inner geek.

Umlaut House
I hate furry comics, but I like this. It's funny, dammit. I love Volair.

Adorable and sacrilegious. What more could you want?

Venus Envy
How could I forget Venus Envy? Cute and lovely, about the life of a transgendered girl.

Funny, cute, and proves that I DO read wholesome things...

Errant Story
Magic, elves, and a talking pussy.

Exploitation Now!
Hey, I like tasteless too.

Sexy Losers
Speaking of tasteless... but all in good fun.

Dora Theo's Hole in the Wall
The site of the lovely kalldoro (on lj), which amused me enough to be my only non-comic link. ^_^;

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