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The bottom part of this page is my own (probably fairly scarce) fanart. The rest will be dedicated to any art anyone actually bothers to send me about MITM, if any. ^_^;

Just... meow! My very first fanart from someone else, specifically Tyler Owen of Hindsight 21/17. He says it was just something quick he threw together and that he needs to do justice to my fanart for him (see below). All I can say to that is, "SQUEEE!!! You mean I get MORE!?" I love! I love!

This was drawn for Fruit Flies, featuring Jess's yaoi fangirls Daphne and Liane uniting with my Ransom - a prospect that has their straight friends Elliot and Jesse (also Ransom's cousin) filled with trepidation. *eg*

This is a picture I did for Thistle, featuring her vampire Sorin and Faust's two Cornish Rex kittens, Hoggle and Gollum (yes, they ARE supposed to look kind of ... strange). I can't draw cats. And yes, it IS a man. Sorin, the kittens, and Faust appear in stories in Thistle's livejournal. Go read - it's quite fun. ^_^

This is a picture I did for Stefi of Another Boring Day, which alas is no longer updating. I adored that comic, but first she lost most of it, then tried to restart it, but that failed as well. I also loved Stefi, so I did my very first piece of fanart. While there is no more ABD, I still like my fanart. ^_^;

This is for Hindsight 21/17, featuring Tyler's characters in their "Backeyed" incarnations. For some reason I really wanted to draw Sam (the girl), and figured out a way to get everyone else in. But they ALL turned out much better than I thought. ^_^; Here's the picture without color, if you're interested. I liked it that way too.

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