Morgan in the Morning - About Anna

I can't think of anything better, so! A quick rundown of basic facts!

NAME: Anna Chappell (that's with a soft 'ch', bitch!)
AGE: 23 (But I'm a YA librarian and a YA at heart!)
SEX: Female (as if that isn't obvious!)
LOCATION: Planet Earth! (sometimes, anyway...)
HAIR COLOR: Blonde (natural too...)
EYE COLOR: Blue (insert clever remark here)
HEIGHT: 5'7" (Alas. Would that I were taller!)
BLOOD TYPE: A+ (Much like her grades... though she's always wondered why this is included in stats. Who cares what their blood type is? She'll just chalk it up to people caring about what arbitrary personality signs are, like the Zodiac sign.)
ZODIAC SIGN: Cancer (speaking of... ^_-)

I'm an army brat, so I've lived all over, including Fairfax, where I went to high school and set this comic. My hair is shoulder-length now, but I always picture myself with waist-length hair. I don't have it because I chopped my hair off twice and donated it to charity (first time: 17 inches. Second time: 11 inches.).

I have a zombie horde, but they're terribly ineffective.

I write as often as I can, which isn't as much as I used to be able to do due to being in grad school, although I'll be graduating in April 2004 with a Master's of Science in Information, specifically in Library and Information Services.

I like cats. I have two, an orange male named Aslan and a tortie named Tara. Jess also has a cat, a jellico named Becker. I want a dog.

I speak French, German, and Japanese (although the latter two not all that well - just well enough to get by).

I, too, have a collection of souls I keep in little bottles.

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